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August 25, 2013
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Aug 3, 2013, 10:38:59 AM
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Allergy by rieke-b Allergy by rieke-b
Acrylic paints on canvas, 40x40cm.
Allergies belong to the greatest chronic sufferings of our time – they spread across the world like an epidemic and can be life-threatening.
The portrayal on my painting is exaggerated, but more and more children are so allergic to pollen and spores that they have to shampoo their hair every time after they’ve been outside. (The climate change will most probably extend the phase of intense pollen concentration in the air in Europe.) I find the idea of some children not being able to play in the nature without protective clothing very sad and alarming…
(When there’s a cross-reactivity, the mislead immune defence can also react on foods, since the proteins of some pollen that create allergies resemble those of certain sources of food.)

The biochemical processes behind allergies have been well researched, but their extreme spreading and control is still a mystery to research. Many persons suffering from allergies that were treated badly or not treated at all are in danger of suffering from consequences like asthma. Since there’s a great number of protein and chemicals in everyday products, but also metals and light etc. that can cause allergies, scientists assume that every second European might be affected within the next few years.

When I was in primary school, almost every girl in my class took riding lessons. How proud I was when I finally was able to visit a riding school regularly, too! Unfortunately, a few months later, I couldn’t visit the farm anymore without turning into a sneezing, panting mess… Apart from animal hair, I’m also allergic to dust, but it’s not too bad. My cat’s saliva makes my hands itch. I could never have a tomcat or another short-haired pet that sheds a lot of fur. Luckily, our two small terrier mixes hardly lose any hair…

Conspicuously, children who grow up on farms have asthma and hay fever five times less rarely than city children. The extreme hygiene in households, which developed while the environment got polluted more and more, seems to have enhanced the development of allergies within the last 50 years. Whoever had constant contact to farm animals and siblings during childhood, though, lives with the smallest risk of becoming allergic. However, making a trip to a farm now and then doesn’t help against existing allergies at all.
Many people will certainly be bound to a hygienic civilization without parasites, since there will most probably never be a miracle cure that would allow them to live close to nature without sneezing…

(Source: GEO magazine, German edition, May issue 2012)

Acryl auf Leinwand, 40x40cm.
Allergien sind eines der größten chronischen Leiden unserer Zeit – wie eine Seuche breiten sie sich auf der ganzen Welt aus und können lebensgefährlich sein.
Die Darstellung auf meinem Bild ist zwar übertrieben, doch immer mehr Kinder reagieren so allergisch auf Pollen und Sporen, dass sie sich nach jedem Aufenthalt im Freien die Haare shampoonieren müssen. (Der Klimawandel wird die Pollenflugzeit in Europa wohl auch noch verlängern.) Die Vorstellung, dass manche Kinder irgendwann nicht mehr ohne Schutzkleidung in der Natur spielen könnten, finde ich traurig und erschreckend…
(Durch sogenannte Kreuzallergien kann die irregeleitete Immunabwehr zusätzlich noch auf Lebensmittel stark reagieren, denn die Allergie auslösenden Eiweiße mancher Pollen ähneln bestimmten Nahrungsmittelproteinen.)

Die biochemischen Prozesse hinter Allergien sind gut erforscht, doch ihre extreme Ausbreitung und Bekämpfung stellt die Forschung vor ein Rätsel. Viele schlecht oder gar nicht therapierte Allergiker drohen deshalb dauerhaft an Spätfolgen wie Asthma zu erkranken. Da eine große Vielzahl von Proteinen und chemischen Stoffen in alltäglichen Produkten, aber auch Metalle oder Licht u. a. Allergien auslösen können, gehen Wissenschaftler davon aus, dass innerhalb der nächsten Jahre etwa jeder zweite Europäer betroffen sein könnte.

Als ich noch in der Grundschule war, nahm fast jedes Mädchen in meiner Klasse Reitunterricht. Wie stolz war ich, als ich schließlich auch regelmäßig zum Reiten konnte! Leider konnte ich mich nach wenigen Monaten nicht mehr auf dem Hof aufhalten, ohne mich in ein niesendes, keuchendes Häuflein Elend zu verwandeln… Neben Tierhaaren reagiere ich allergisch auf Hausstaub, wenn auch nicht übermäßig schlimm. Der Speichel meiner Katze sorgt an meinen Händen für Juckreiz. Ich könnte nie einen Kater oder ein kurzhaariges Haustier haben, das viel Fell verliert. Glücklicherweise haaren unsere beiden kleinen Terrier-Mischlinge kaum…

Auffällig ist, dass Kinder, die auf Bauernhöfen aufwachsen, fünfmal seltener Asthma und Heuschnupfen haben als Stadtkinder. Die übertriebene Hygiene im Haus bei gleichzeitig zunehmender Umweltverschmutzung scheint die Entstehung von Allergien innerhalb der letzten 50 Jahre angefeuert zu haben. Wer als Kind dagegen ständig Kontakt zu Nutztieren und Geschwistern hatte, lebt mit dem kleinsten Allergierisiko. Nur ab und zu einen Ausflug zum Bauernhof zu machen hilft leider überhaupt nicht gegen bestehende Allergien.
Viele Menschen werden wohl ihr Leben lang an eine hygienische Zivilisation ohne Parasiten gefesselt sein, denn ein Wundermittel, das ihnen ein naturnahes Leben ohne Niesreiz ermöglichen würde, wird es wohl nie geben…

(Quelle: GEO Magazin, Ausgabe Mai 2012)
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Enoa79 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
Beautiful work. Very well done.
rieke-b Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you so much! :hug:
Enoa79 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013
You're welcome.
ART-fromthe-HEART Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
That's an adorable and humorous painting! :D

The underlying message is understandably more serious. :nod: Being farm raised myself, I have no allergies. The cleanliness of our house...wasn't the greatest and remains so, but mainly in the way of lots of dust, dander, and animal hair floating in the corners and under furniture. Cleaning is a chore...we do it when we get tired of seeing the dustbears attacking our ankles. XD The near constant exposure to the natural world, and daily for many hours of exposure to every kind of animal you can think of (reptiles, amphibian, goats and livestock, cats and dogs, birds and other fowl, you name it) beefed up our immunities to the world. We know for a fact that children not exposed when young become compromised. That's why it was my parent's goal to share with us as much of nature as they could. Not only so we could enjoy it and experience wondrous things, but the healthier you are, the more can enjoy it too. All the household chemicals used to clean and disinfect...they're doing as much harm as good. Not all germs are bad. Some bacteria is needed for our everyday living!

I even heard that the obsessiveness with the antibacterial gels used nowadays (the stuff at all cash registers and such), can be bad for us. While yes they do kill germs that could give us the cold or make us sick, but natural bacteria on our hands that are meant to fight such viruses in nature are killed to. We're destroying our own skin's ability to defend ourselves! An amazing part of evolution is being eradicated because we're afraid of what we can't see. We need to calm down and believe in our own body's ability to survive. There are lots of reasons to use cleaners and anti-bacterial things, but too much of a good thing isn't good anymore. :shrug:
rieke-b Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Yeah, being that separated by your surroundings must be sad...

Sure, you must be used to living with a great microbial variety! You're really lucky! I wish I were as robust as that and could surround myself with more animals...
But you still should be careful with chemicals. There are many industrial products that could cause allergies.
Of course! There are actually more bacteria cells in a human body than human cells! We're a walking universe that nurtures countless little helpers and enemies. :D

Extreme hygiene makes sense in public places, where sensitive people could pass by, and in laboratories, but you can't really prevent catching a cold because it's being caused by viruses that change constantly. Unless your immune system has fought one of them already, the illness will surely break out...
pakstadi Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
My husband's friend, who is a scientist working in CERN, suspects that widespread use of antibiotics since 1960ies might have affected us in more ways than we can guess. Considering the fact that we are pretty much made up of bacteria - they have an important role to play our digestion, nervous system, immunity, tumor growth/self-destruction, even brain activity and emotions - our kill-them-all tactics may have wiped out some lines of bacteria we badly need for survival. His idea is that the human species is an ecosystem of its own. Over the millions of years of our evolution, we may have developed strains of bacteria that can exist only inside of us. If those particular bacteria happen to be extinct in outside environment, and we are killing them now with our antibiotics in our bodies, we have no chance of regaining them from nature. So, that leaves us with inability to survive in our habitat, of which allergies may be just one symptom.

My husband has suffered from dust allergy and asthma for years. It subsided completely after he divorced his first wife and moved out of city into a small town with me. :-) The change of environment had another funny effect on him: his balding head (at the age of 38) grew back a nice shock of new hair. :D
ART-fromthe-HEART Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
:nod: I'm sure it has, I hardly know anyone who doesn't have some sort of allergy or reaction to things. Heck, I know for a fact that when I seven I had a very VERY high dose over 2 months of antibiotics (chronic strep throat) and it stunted the growth of my teeth. And may have even messed with my hormones which are very off now. We're playing with fire trying to control a world we don't even understand. Not all bacteria is bad, if only we knew more. :shrug:

That's amazing! A good reason I prefer country over the city. ;)
Mayeaux Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice work and concept!
rieke-b Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks a lot! :)
Mayeaux Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome, Rieke!:)
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